Meet technology enthusiasts, people willing to disrupt the status quo. Join us to have fun by working on innovative projects.

Premium location

We are located in the heart of Oslo, Warsaw and Białystok, so it’s easy to get there by any means of transportation.

Polish-Norwegian bridge

Exchange the experience and start cooperation between the leading Polish startups and Norwegian companies.

The cafeteria

Around our offices you will find best restaurants serving food from all over the world.

What's new

Remarkable Ones coordinates media at the biggest tech conference in CEE

Attendees 7000+, Speakers 150+, Startups 500+, Journalists 150+, Side Events 12.

Oslo Explorer HQ - Youngstorget

200 contractors, developers, designers, marketers, investors and lawyers (!) is ready to help you and your startup!

Hacklag Human Impact Hackathon #01

Human Impact Hackathon was a unique event for everyone who thinks that technology can make peoples' lives better.

First such Business Speed Dating in Warsaw

At ExplorerHQ Warsaw we’ve launched the new initiative called Polish-Norwegian Tech_Bridge.

The infoShare foundation chose Remarkable Ones to run the press office

Let’s meet on the Infoshare May'18.

New office in the heart of Oslo!

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office.

Social Leaders communicates Norwegian Marine Harvest

New communication strategy handled by one of the best agencies from Poland.

Explorer HQ in South Africa

Chimera Prime as a technical partner of NMtech company is going to create a system that allows mapping of rural areas of South Africa.

Cognitum has started cooperation with an international P&G corporation.

We are proud to announce that one of our AI based member Cognitum gets a chance to use their AI platform to help P&G.

Partner up your company with ExplorerHQ

Explorer Network is like a living organism - market reality forces the Explorer to manage with high office maintenance costs in exchange for definitely lower costs of tenants desks we charge.

Newcomers at the ExplorerHQ Białystok

We invited few companies/ freelancers to cooperate with ExplorerHQ Białystok for the next 3 months.

We are very pleased to welcome Instapage on board

Step by step our office is fulfilling itself with more and more talented members.

Białystok Explorer HQ Start-ups Support Programme

At the18th of September, we had met in Bialystok with a group of growing startups, which applied for Explorer HQ start-ups support programme.

Own honey in the office?

Bee initiative. We decided to invest into our Explorer bee house in the top of the Central Tower.

Summer edition of Hot Ideas & Cold Drinks in Warsaw

Explorers' Club has organized its second Polish Meetup (Hot Ideas & Cold Drinks - this time in Warsaw) in order to create Explorer Network.

Remarkable Ones joined Warsaw Explorers!

The best PR Agency for startups, joined to our Warsaw office.